Friday, June 7, 2013

Age to Come

There is only one one left, when this one is said and done.

Heaven, a place of tranquility and peace, where all is perfect and love is in the air, sound nice? Is that really what heaven is going to be like? Many think so, the lion lying with the lamb and all that. Why go through creating the world, watching it fall apart then do everything in your power to restore it to something you never created it to be in the first place? In the creation, humans were given a purpose, to be the emissaries of God on earth, and this purpose was in The Creator’s words “good.” You cannot get a better grade, score, or recommendation when the author of the test is judging with his own standard and declares A, 100%. God is good, and is the standard of what is good, to label his own creation as good, means it is exactly how it is to be. But...then it goes to crap.
The Kingdom of heaven is at hand, but there is an “age to come.” Eternal life was
taken from human kind after we messed it all up; it is given back through Jesus. Our understanding of good is now only in comparison with evil. This too is being corrected for the age to come. Our purpose as God’s emissaries to God’s “creation” was declared good and was a pre-blunder condition. The question stands, why would The Creator change his purpose for his creation when he already said it is exactly what I want it to be? Not sure he would.
Many people dream about aliens and extra-terrestrial life on other planets. Not going to go as far to say that we will meet ET in
heaven, but exploring the “heavens” might be a very real possibility. For the old earth and heaven will pass away, and there will be a new earth and a new heaven.  A new star (or stars) to call the sunlight, a new land with water and trees, animals, fish and birds, a new solar system to call home. And how will we get there? The dead in Christ shall rise first and we will meet them in the air. Fly! Our bodies will be transformed to be like the glorious body of Jesus Christ, who flew into the clouds at the ascension. Is heaven going to be perfect, and peaceful, and full of love? You bet, and it is going to be fun and exciting, and adventurous, as we eternally live out God’s purpose for our existence in the infinite expanse of space-the age to come.
What do you have for your calendar for then?