Saturday, March 30, 2013

Virgin Birth?

It’s Easter not Christmas…I know but it’s relevant.

                For the resurrection of Easter to mean anything, Jesus had to actually die. Returning to life is a nonevent if there was no death in the first place. Thus he had to actually die. And not a death that was in thought only, but a death of tissue and blood cells, for that is what was returned to life. And that is what our hope is as well. For Jesus to experience a physical death he had to be human. Yet, what kind of human?
                The curse of death was placed on Adam and Eve and passed onto their children. Our DNA is encoded for death. One way is the mitochondria death trigger. What kind of DNA did Jesus have? He was born of a virgin and did not receive chromosomes from a male father. This leaves two options. One, that Marry was Artificially inseminated by the Holy Spirit, which in my opinion is weird. Option two, is that Jesus was another creation of a human. In other words that he was a new Adam.
                I lean heavily on Jesus being a new human, closer to the original set of DNA, like Adam was before the fall. Thus, death was not his curse to bear. He willing took on the curse of death, even though his body was not going to die. And he cried out when he felt this forsakenness from the Father as he took on death, our curse. So, no we make a trade, his death for our life. We accept his death as our curse and offer our live to be lived by him.

We then have the hope that our view of death is the same as Jesus’ view. Sleep now, to be awakened again. This is the promise of Easter, the resurrection because Jesus was a new man and through him we become new again.