Saturday, August 4, 2012


Is love a title wave of strong emotion, or simply an action by force of will?

Have you found your “soul mate,” “true love,” “the one”? Is this even a valid question? I say no. Romance in movies is usually about finally finding that one person that completes the two parties. In my own experience, I believed that God led me to my wife, and that we were supposed to be together. As if it were his plan, to play cupid in our lives and have us “fall” in love. “Falling in love” is another statement that misses the point, as if you can fall out of love with someone. Also, the distinction I heard Chelsea Handler make in a movie once; “You can love more than one person but you cannot be “in love” with more than one person.” If love is this title wave of emotion that is so strong, why is it so fickle? Again, I say it is not. Love is a conscious effort to put another’s concerns, passions, interests, and all around everything above your own.
Jesus said it this way, “No greater love has a man than this that he lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13 Love is sacrificial! Love is submissive! Love ignores self, and gives all it is capable of giving! To fall out of love is simply a choice that a person makes where they have decided to care more about their own well-being than that of the other. It may be warranted, and have justifiable reasons, but it is not love that failed, rather the person failed to continue to love. Our world, and more importantly our Church, could do with a better understanding that love comes by act of will.
Love takes intentional thought filled action, not emotional response to stimulation. Here is a simple test. If an action meets these four criteria, you can be sure it is love.
1.      Is what I am doing or about to do motivated primarily to benefit another?
2.      Am I more concerned about how I will look, by doing this or simply doing it for another?
3.      You do not feel like being supportive, and sacrificial, but you do anyways.
4.      Am I thinking of other ways to make this more about “you” than me.       
God is Love, let us also be love.